Shut Them Down!

The G8, Gleneagles 2005 and The Movement of Movements
David Harvie, Keir Milburn, Ben Trott, David Watts
ISBN: 0-9552065-0-2
Format: Paperback
Pub Date: 01/07/2006
Publisher: Autonomedia/Dissent!
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Shut Them Down! is an essential collection of reflections on the movement against the 2005 G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. As well as action stories from the frontlines of resistance to the summit, there are detailed accounts of how various aspects of the mobilisation were organised, and analysis of the lessons to be learned. But Shut Them Down!’s relevance extends far beyond the Gleneagles experience. It addresses fundamental issues such as the nature of openness and ‘horizontality’, and the limitations of the ‘activist’ identity. Most important of all, Shut Them Down! poses the question: how can we take those worlds we glimpse in such moments and generalise them so that they make sense in the rest of our lives?

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The Editors 9

1 On the road
The Free Association 17

2 ‘This is how we do it’
Kara N. Tina 27

3 Gleneagles: breaking time
John Holloway 39

4 Reaching the parts where we fear to go
AG 43

5 Dr. Sachs, Live8 and neoliberalism’s ‘Plan B’
George Caffentzis 51

6 Reinventing Dissent! An unabridged story of resistance
Alex Trocchi, Giles Redwolf and Petrus Alamire 61

7 Free-wheeling and control-freaking
Maff, Bristol 101

8 G8 on our doorstep
Sarah 103

9 The carnival continues…
Lydia Molyneaux 109

10 Getting off the activist beaten track
Members of the Trapese Collective 119

11 Private Parts in the General Mayhem
Commodore Koogie 127

12 ‘It’s the politics, stupid’. How neoliberal politicians, NGOs and rock stars hijacked the global justice movement at Gleneagles… and how we let them
Paul Hewson 135

13 The international mobilisation to Gleneagles
Alex Smith 151

14 The feeding of the five thousand
Isy Morgenmuffel 163

15 Inside and outside the G8 protests
Anonymous 175

16 Diary of a compost toilet queen
Starhawk 185

17 When the kids are united, they will never be defeated!
Kate Evans 203

18 The ‘brat bloc’ and the making of another dimension
Massimo De Angelis and Dagmar Diesner 207

19 Gleneagles, activism and ordinary rebelliousness
Ben Trott 213

20 Cre8 Summat: planting a garden of activism
Leon Roman 235

21 The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army goes to Scotland via a few other places
Kolonel Klepto and Major Up Evil 243

22 Operation Splish Splash Splosh
Corporal Clutter of CIRCA 255

23 Activist trauma: mutual support in the face of repression
Activist-Trauma Support 257

24 Strathclyde Police slumber party
Major Hassles 263

25 Notes on movement and uncertainty
Werner Bonefeld 265

26 G8 secrets: we are more powerful than we can possibly imagine
Haley Burton 273

27 A knock at the door: Special Agent Paranoia and the G8 Info-Line
Anonymous 281

28 Anti-G8 resistance and the state of exception
Stefan Skrimshire 285

29 Ginger takes on the G8
The Ginger 291

30 Nothing is what democracy looks like: openness, horizontality and the movement of movements
Rodrigo Nunes 299

31 Media, movement(s) and public image(s): CounterSpinning in Scotland
CounterSpin Collective 321

32 From Gleneagles to Heiligendamm
Some people from the No G8 Coordination Berlin 333

33 After Gleneagles: where next?
Simon Tormey 337

34 The end of the world as we know it
Kay Summer and Harry Halpin 351

35 Cows are scarier than pigs
Anonymous 361



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